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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Introducing Fidelity Mutual Funds

Fidelity Mutual Funds


Fidelity Mutual Funds was established in 1969 in Bermuda and has since grown and expanded throughout the world. Fidelity mutual funds, together with its subsidiaries, manages more than $ 279 billion larger institutional and private investors across the world.

Fidelity Mutual funds invested in India in more than 10 years with investments of over U.S. $ 4 billion in Indian equities. Fund plays an important role in the phenomenal growth of Indian capital markets.

Fidelity Mutual Fund products
  • Equity Funds:

    Allegiance Equity Fund. The choice of investments are spread between large cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap funds, which are separated from a growth fund or a value fund. There are other possibilities, such as the five-in-one Fidelity Equity Fund.
    Fidelity Fund Manager has the flexibility to build a truly diversified portfolio primarily based on quality. It supports investments first hand, in-depth research and draws on Fidelity's experience and resources.

    Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund. The Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund offers all the tax benefits of an ELSS but with the advantage of Fidelity's benchmark.

    Fidelity India special situations fund. It has operations in one of the world's leading emerging markets. India helped Fidelity to come with its own solutions to specific situations. Some of the most important "special situations" is Recovery situations Unrecognized Growth, Asset Plays, new products or New Business Stream, Corporate Actions and Out-of-favor stocks.

    Fidelity International Opportunities Fund. The Fidelity International Opportunities Fund allows investors to spread their risk and improve the potential for return on investment by significantly broad-based investments. This fund has a mandate to invest in Indian and international markets with a high focus on Asia and the Pacific. The Fund uses Fidelity's well-known methods to pick stocks, preferred by virtue of his research team of the 700th.

  • Fixed Income Funds

    Fidelity Short Term Income Fund. The Fidelity Short Term Income Fund's portfolio combines corporate bonds, government bonds and other fixed income securities. This fund offers investors a higher income than cash accounts, and have less volatility than equities.

  • Cash funds

    Fidelity Multi Manager Cash Fund. This fund is among the best results cash gives a manifold diversification and the convenience of consolidation. Investors can avoid the cumbersome paperwork, and tracking of various portfolios. They can enjoy the convenience of an application for a declaration and an NAV.

    Fidelity Cash Fund - The Fidelity Cash Fund offers investors the best that a fund can offer such high liquidity, low risk and stable returns.

Fidelity Mutual Funds

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